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#7 Shawn R. Says :Tara and Irene,Well done. Keep doing it and also enhancing your knowledge and skills in this area. Cyberspace is the future...

#6 Brian W. says:
Great job on the music videos.

#5 Jaren T Said: Hey Nice WebSite Tara And Irene! :)

#4 Terry S:
OMG!!! Wow, you made your website, I am so proud. Did Mr. C
help you? I am working on a website for my teacher eduction and I am
going to share your website with my fellow students. We might have to
ask you for help. Awesome Job!!!

#3 Patrick B. Says: Great job girls! What a well thought out site!

#2 Janelle D. Says:  Hi! Cool web!

#1 Jasmine Y. Says: I like it Tara. it is funny